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Best Tire Center (Covington) - Kent, WA

If you’re in need of new or used tires, or simply need to fix a flat, Best Tire Center, offers comprehensive services and has developed a reputation for being the best tire shop in Kent, WA

Our Kent, WA, team of experts is equipped to provide:

• Flat Tire Repair Services: Get back on the road ASAP with the efficient and effective flat tire repair services from our Kent location!

• Tire & Wheel Rotation Services: Best Tire Center provides free tire and wheel rotation services in Washington to help you extend the lifespan of your tires.

• Tire Inspection Services: Inspecting your tires regularly helps make sure you and other drivers are safe on the road. We offer tire inspection services that are fast, and FREE!

• Tire Installation & Mounting Services: Our Kent tire shop provides installation and mounting services for custom rims, standard wheels, and more.

• Wheel Alignment Checks: Regular wheel alignment checks help you identify issues before they grow out of control, as well as provide a smoother ride on the road. We check your wheel alignment for free, so don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment at our Kent, WA, location.

• Wheel Alignment Services: Increase safety and fuel efficiency with our comprehensive wheel alignment services.

FAQs About New & Used Tires

What should I consider when buying new tires? When purchasing new tires, determine how many miles you need them to last and how often you drive your vehicle each month. Also, be sure the tires you choose are well within your price range and are the right size/fit for your vehicle.

When should I buy new tires? Unless you’re an expert, determining when it’s time for new tires is tough. However, some telltale signs are when you have a thin tread depth, cracks in your tire’s sidewalls, uneven wear and tear, or things like pebbles and nails lodged in your tires.

Why do I need to check my wheel alignment? Aligning your wheels ensures they meet your auto manufacturer’s specifications, so you receive the smoothest ride and best mileage possible.

How many tires will I need? Professionals often recommend replacing either all four tires at a time or two at a time. This is because doing so will make certain they wear down evenly and can be properly aligned. Even if you have one damaged tire that needs to be replaced, we recommended replacing two to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Contact our tire shop in Kent today for all of your tire needs!

Whether you need cheap rims and wheels, tire alignment services, or flat repairs, we have you covered. Schedule a service appointment today or contact us online for more about our services.

Call us at Kent: (253) 499-9970

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Driving Directions

Best Tire Center’s Kent shop is located on SE 272nd St in the plaza next to The Meridian Salon and just up the street from Surf Rider Coffee. With a convenient location and plenty of parking for all, feel free to make an appointment or feel welcomed into our shop.

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From tire alignments to rotations, we’re here to serve all of your tire needs in Kent, WA. Our experts have worked in the tire & auto industry for many years, giving us the skills and knowledge to prepare your tires and wheels for the long road ahead.

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