Tire Sizes

Tire Sizes

Have you ever looked at the numbers on the sidewall of your tires and become confused? With tires being measured in both metric and inches, it can be hard to work out just what these measurements mean.

To help you make sense of these measurements, and inform your tire selection, we’ve put together a handy tire measurement guide below.

Tire Size Guide

Tire Type

Each tire you purchase has a code containing numbers and letters printed on its side wall. The first letter of this code stands for the tire type:

  • P stands for passenger vehicle tire. These tires are most common on cars, SUV’s, crossovers, and minivans
  • LT stands for light truck tire. LT tires are designed for vehicles which have ¾ and 1 ton load capacity

Tire Width

The next set of numbers dictate the diameter of the wheel in inches which is measured through the center of the wheel from bead to bead (the area where the tire is slotted into the wheel).

Load Index

This two, or sometimes three digit number found after the wheel diameter indicates the amount of weight the tire can support.

Speed Rating

Finally, the last letter in the code indicates what the tires speed rating is. A tires speed rating determines the top speed that is safe to travel at for a specific amount of time. Tires with higher speed rating perform better at faster speeds for longer.

Tire Size Load Index
Tire Size Speed Rating

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