Michelin ENERGY XM1

165/80R13 ENERGY XM1
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165/80R13 ENERGY XM1

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    • Reduces rolling resistance for fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment
    • Delivers smooth, confident control at all speeds
    • Distributes road contact stress for longer tire life
    • Ensure premium comfort over all road surfaces
    • Helps to counter centrifugal forces and control tyre shape for more predictable handling at all speeds
    • Delivers excellent safe handling and cornering power
    • Provides multiple channels to wipe away road water film for maximum grip
  • Innovative Green X silica compounds
  • Innovative Stress Equilibrium Construction (SECII) technology
  • Square profile
  • Full-width steel belts plus special nylon wrap
  • Larger tread blocks on the shoulder
  • Higher groove ratio on the inside of the tyre
Tire Size: 165/80R13
Load Rating: 83 - 1074 lbs  (487 kg) per tire
Speed Rating: S - 112 mph  (180 kph)
Max Inflation: 0 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 146072

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