Bridgestone DUELER A/T D694

LT215/75R15 DUELER A/T D694


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LT215/75R15 DUELER A/T D694

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    • For a smooth, quiet, more comfortable ride
    • Excellent braking capability to increase safety
    • Enhances casing strength for excellent resistance to road hazard damage
    • Provide high levels of tyre durability resulting in a longer tyre life
    • Prevents the development of harmonic noise patterns for a quieter ride
    • Provides even contact pressure within the block for better handling, ride comfort and wear resistance
    • Provides increased edge effect when worn for road holding, without sacrificing block stiffness
    • For maximum resistance to crown penetration and puncturing and enhanced manoeuvrability and handling
    • Provides exceptional "bite" in loose surfaces to enhance steering response and handling
    • For maximum resistance to staking
  • DONUTS technology (Comprehensive Tyre Design Method C.T.D.M., Innovative Roundness - O-Bead, L.L. Carbon)
  • 2 ply carcass
  • 2 steel belts
  • 5 pitch noise reduction
  • Consistent Surface Contact (C.S.C)
  • Flare sipe
  • Full spiral cap
  • Semi-square shoulder
  • Sidewall protector
Tire Size: LT215/75R15
Load Rating: 100 - 1764 lbs  (800 kg) per tire
Speed Rating: S - 112 mph  (180 kph)
Sidewall: Outline White Lettering
Max Inflation: 0 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 710310

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