Michelin PRIMACY 3 ST

215/55R16 PRIMACY 3 ST
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215/55R16 PRIMACY 3 ST

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    • For a class-leading silent ride
    • To keep the ride smooth, steady and comfortable
    • For improved wet braking, handling and safety
    • For longer tire life
  • EvenPeak technology - using greater variation in the size and position of the tread blocks, the noise is spread across a wider frequency range, making the tyres specially tuned to be extra quiet (thus the "ST" denominator, standing for "Silence Tuned")
  • CushionGuard technology - cushion vibrations when the tread blocks contact the road, using FlexMax compounds; absorb bumps in the road using the shock absorbent sidewall and supple tread
  • FlexMax technology - the tread adapts to the shape of the road for better connection and grip and the chamfered tread block prevents distortion under pressure
  • StabiliGrip technology uses self-locking bands inside the small grooves to minimise tread block deformation
Tire Size: 215/55R16
Load Rating: 97 - 1609 lbs  (730 kg) per tire
Speed Rating: W - 168 mph  (270 kph)
Max Inflation: 0 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 903371

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