Bridgestone R244

445/65R22.5 M R244


Item # 233687 Tire Size: 445/65R22.5 M
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445/65R22.5 M R244

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    • Helps deliver a smoother ride with higher payload
    • For resistance to cuts, chips, tearing, and irregular wear
    • Strengthens footprint to help resist irregular wear, increases tread life, and offers better protection against damaging penetration
    • For improved rolling resistance
    • Increases resistance to stone retention which protects the steel belts and enhance casing durability
  • Rib-type pattern in wide-base design
  • Special tread compounds
  • Enhanced belt package
  • Optimized casing
  • Groove wall angle
  • Bridgestone Truck Tire Limited Warranty
Tire Size: 445/65R22.5 M
Sidewall: Black Sidewall
Load Capacity: 12800 pounds
Max Inflation: 130 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 233687

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