Falken RI130 ECORUN

285/75R24.5 H RI-130 ECORUN


Item # 62130956 Tire Size: 285/75R24.5 H RI-130 ECORUN
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285/75R24.5 H RI-130 ECORUN

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    • Maintaining ideal contact shape with the road surface for maximum mileage capability even under varying loads
    • Improving the tire footprint and delivering even wear
    • Reduces strain and prevents tearing
    • Quality assurance method which ensures the most consistent tire shape possible, promoting healthy wear and extending tire mileage
    • For a consistent tire profile during loaded and unloaded driving conditions for maximum mileage
    • Makes it possible to provide longer wear and lower rolling resistance by predicting rubber characteristics at the molecular level
  • Advanced stress dispersion spreads strain evenly across the tire surface for the best possible wear behaviour
  • Contoured shoulder ribs flex under load to form a flat surface
  • Decoupling groove redesigned using a teardrop shape at the base
  • Uniformity safeguards integrate the latest in precision tire production
  • Smart shape case technology minimizes casing growth throughout the life of the tire
  • 4D Nano Technology - an advanced simulation and analysis technique
  • EPA SmartWay Verified
Tire Size: 285/75R24.5 H RI-130 ECORUN
Load Rating: 147/144
Speed Rating: L - 75 mph  (120 kph)
Sidewall: Black Sidewall
Load Capacity: 6780/6175 pounds
Max Inflation: 120 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 62130956

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