Bridgestone DUELER H/P (D686)

255/70R15  DUELER H/P (D686)


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255/70R15  DUELER H/P (D686)

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    • Provide strength, durability and protect against punctures for a smooth ride
    • Providing security, uniformity and balance
    • Reduces the risk of hydroplaning by providing a rapid steering response and better grip in wet and dry
    • Reduce noise and increase drive comfort
  • Two layers of polyester and two steel belts
  • Layer of nylon (Cap-Ply) covering belt stabilizers and two strips of material (Cap-Strip) on the banks of the belts can reduce the distortion of the tread at high speeds
  • Innovative Tread technology which is highly efficient in the removal of water
  • Trapezoidal blocks of variable size and multiple traction edges for better performance in the wet
  • Modern design enhances sporty appearance
Tire Size: 255/70R15
Tread Warranty: 50,000
Load Rating: 108 - 2205 lbs  (1000 kg) per tire
Speed Rating: T - 118 mph  (190 kph)
Max Inflation: 0 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 037486

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