Bridgestone M843

11R24.5 G M843


Item # 287865 Tire Size: 11R24.5 G
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11R24.5 G M843

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    • For aggressive traction and long original mileage
    • For resistance to cuts, chips, tearing and irregular wear
    • For high traction
    • For enhanced durability
    • For resistance to road hazards, leading to better casing durability
  • Extra-deep tread
  • Special tread compounds
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Center groove platforms with stone rejectors
  • Split-belt construction
  • Bridgestone Truck Tire Limited Warranty
Tire Size: 11R24.5 G
Load Capacity: 6610/6005 pounds
Max Inflation: 105 PSI
Product Code/MPN: 287865

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